My name is Sydney Claire Kirkpatrick, and I am a registered dietitian nutritionist.

I often find myself stuck between craving a plate full of veggies and a giant piece of cake. I blame my love for vegetables and baked goods on my mamaw, granny, and adopted grandmother. Beautiful gardens, worn out cookbooks, family picnics, and lots of cookie dough are some of my fondest food memories.

Now I’m a dietitian that wants to feed others feel good food like my southern grandmothers (with slightly less butter). Feel good food has everything you could want in a recipe: deliciousness + nutrients + a reason to bring people together.

The recipes on this blog are for those who love to cook, bake, and eat and for those who cook, bake, and eat to love.

In the words of the women who taught me everything I know about preparing a perfect meal, “Y’ALL COME EAT!”

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